Druck DPI705E digital handheld pressure and temperature indicator Dimed

PS 17 differential pressure transmitter Dimed

Aurora Transport TDLAS portable moisture analyser Dimed

Panaflow Z3 ultrasonic liquid flow meter Dimed

Panaflow Z2G ultrasonic gas flow meter Dimed


UNIK 5000 configurator

PT900 Dimed

Our Brands

Penny & Giles
Halstrup Walcher
King Nutronics

A brief introduction

When DIMED nv started her activities in 1978 as a one-person company, the main goal consisted of the development and sale of medical and industrial measurement instrumentation.
With the fast development of electronics the target became the selling of sensors, instrumentation and calibrators for the industry, research and development. DIMED was found by a few private owner-shareholders.
These days, DIMED is no longer a production company but a distributor of "sensors and calibrators of physical quantities for the periphery of the industry". This means, that these sensors and calibrators are mainly used in the margin of the production process and are also incorporated in the endproduct itself.
Initially DIMED aimed at the sensor technology. Through the years, the productrange increased and the DIMED-lab proves to be a great benefit.
At the moment, the DIMED-team consist of 10 members, who can each offer the customer a complete range of sensors, indicators and primary and secundary standards for any physical quantity.

Straight from the producer

DIMED came on the market as the exclusive distributor of sensors from Druck Ltd for Belgium and Luxemburg.
With the passing of time, more and more European suppliers trusted DIMED with their products.